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You want to trust your president,
You want to trust your leaders to do what’s right,
But today President Obama removed all doubt
About his thoughts on torture and mistreatment of prisoners.
Philip J. Crowley at the State Department criticized
Private First Class Bradley Manning’s treatment at Quantico.
President Obama had Philip J. Crowley fired.

What can be going on here?
A reporter asked President Obama on Friday:
“What do you say about the treatment of Pfc Manning,
Mr. President?” The president replied:
“I’ve checked with my people at the Defense Department.
They say as far as Private Manning is concerned,
They’re doing everything according to the regs.”

According to the regs!!
That’s what the Central Intelligence Agency says
When it straps prisoners to boards to pour water
Down their gullets. That’s a mock execution.
You have to waterboard prisoners
According to the regs to make sure
You don’t drown your victim by accident.

One gentleman described President Obama’s reply as George W. clueless.
We put a prisoner in solitary confinement for months,
We take away all his clothes at night,
We don’t let him exercise in his cell.
We degrade him and deny his liberty without trial.
But it’s all according to the regs!
What sort of an answer is that?

The soldiers at My Lai executed
Their prisoners according to the regs.
Birkenau’s Postenpflicht, Duty of Guards,
Ran to how many dozens of pages?

Remember the prison photographs of
Iraqi soldiers piled high in Abu Ghraib?
They had excrement smeared on their skin.
I wonder if it was dog feces, the guards’ feces, or their own feces.
I wonder who smears it, guards or prisoners.
I wonder how they smear it, with a spatula or a spoon.
How do they measure it to make sure they have enough?

As you know, the regs say prisoners ought to smear
Dog feces on themselves with a spoon.
Dog feces store easier and smell a little better.
A spoon gives you better control
Over the body’s bumps and undulations.
The prisoners smear themselves with a spoon.
That’s the most hygienic method of all.

It’s all in the book, the proper feces smearing procedure.
If you want to take pictures of prisoners smeared with feces,
You better do it right. Do it wrong and a reporter will ask,
“What’s going on here? Why are those prisoners smeared with feces?”
What are you going to say then? Say you did it according to the regs.
If you say anything else, you could get into trouble.
Say anything else, and you could get fired.

Check your rule book, Mr. President,
The rule book we call the Constitution.
You swear to uphold it, so help you God.
Find what it says about treatment of prisoners.
You’ll see Bradley Manning’s treatment violates the regs.
Do you know where to find the regulations that apply?
Amendments Six and Eight tell you what you want to know.

Don’t tell us you had to check with the Marines at Quantico
To learn whether Bradley Manning’s treatment follows the regs.
Did you think the brig warden would tell you the truth?
You taught constitutional law, Mr. President.
You know we are not following the rules.
You know that if Manning’s guards followed the rules,
Your friends would not say: “What is going on here?”