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Bradley Manning: A Window Into The American Soul – Paul Craig Roberts

Here is the conclusion of Roberts’ article:

Glenn Greenwald, the constitutional attorney, concludes that “the US establishment journalists have enabled the government every step of the way.” The presstitutes hold “themselves out as adversarial watchdogs, but nothing provokes their animosity more than someone who effectively challenges government actions.”

Greenwald praises Bradley Manning who “has bestowed the world with multiple vital benefits. But as his court martial finally reaches its conclusion, one likely to result in the imposition of a long prison term, it appears his greatest gift is this window into America’s political soul.”

The window into America’s political soul reveals total evil. The US government constitutes Satan’s Chosen People. Nothing else can be said for those who rule and oppress us.

For more information about Mr. Roberts, see his bio.


Aaron Swartz, Internet Pioneer, Found Dead Amid Prosecutor ‘Bullying’ In Unconventional Case

The federal criminal justice system has another suicide to its name. The feds couldn’t lay their hands on Julian Assange, but they did have access to Aaron Swartz. If you have any doubt about what the feds will do to someone they regard as a threat, you’ve seen it. Some call the federal prosecutor’s behavior in this case bullying. Others would call it tyranny. The federal government didn’t go after Aaron Swartz because he violated JSTOR’s terms of service. It threatened him with thirty years in jail on thirteen felony counts because he was a troublemaker, and they wanted to stop him for good.

Everyone needs to stand up for underdogs like Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz. They cannot protect themselves from the government by themselves. If we don’t stand up for them, we will find that we’re next.