This is great. The Republicans spend months during their primary season in 2012 just excoriating immigrants, especially those they call “illegals”. Then they lose to Obama in November, in part because they receive only twenty-nine percent of the Latino vote. They say, we have to be more welcoming to Latino voters, as if any idiot could not have told them that before the election. Every Republican pronouncement since November has said, “We have to be more welcoming to Latino voters!” Note that in all these announcements, they haven’t actually been more welcoming. Republicans say we should be more welcoming. There’s a difference.

Now this week, Representative Don Young, Republican from Alaska, refers nonchalantly in a radio interview to the wetbacks his father employed on the family farm in California. When challenged, he says it was a common term back then – he didn’t mean anything by it.

Now if you’re a Latino immigrant, who has more credibility for you: Republican operatives who say they want to win your vote, or Don Young? Latino immigrants have a bad choice: a friendly Democratic party that doesn’t like your religious beliefs and will screw you over economically, or a deranged Republican party that, when it comes down to it, doesn’t like you because you’re an immigrant. What a great choice on election day.