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The fishiness factor in the death of Ibragim Todashev’s death is high. Support Abdul Baki Todashev, Ibragim Todashev’s father, in his work:

Father of man FBI killed in Boston Marathon bombing investigation seeks answers

Fishy (definition). Improbable, as a story; suspicious.

Synonyms: strange, suspect, dubious.

Here’s what we know, from the FBI and from Ibragim Todashev’s autopsy:

  • An FBI agent shot Ibragim Todashev while he was under interrogation in his apartment.
  • Todashev received seven bullet wounds, six to the torso and a control shot to the top of his head.
  • Todashev was not armed.
  • After its initial incident report on Todashev’s death, the FBI had nothing to say about Todashev’s killing.

Here are three articles related to the shooting:

Excerpt from the Boston Globe

Abdul Baki Todashev displays photographs from his son’s autopsy.

From Killing terror witnesses: Bin Laden, Todashev cover-ups discredit US:

The FBI apparently wanted Ibragim Todashev to sign a false witness statement implicating the Tsarnaev patsies. Todashev refused, presumably because he (like everyone else who knew the brothers) was convinced of their innocence. So the FBI murdered Todashev, execution-style, as a message to others involved in the case: “Cooperate with our frame-up of the Tsarnaevs, or else…”

When a killing is this blatant, you have to believe that the FBI is either quite incompetent in these matters, or it knows exactly what it is doing. A third possibility is that it is so arrogant, it does not care much what people think about its activities. If it is incompetent, it commits these crimes with a desire to cover up the truth about them, even though the crime looks plainly like a state execution. If it knows exactly what it is doing, it wants people to know that it executed Todashev: it just can’t admit it.

The sad thing is, no matter how you interpret the FBI’s actions, Ibragim Todashev’s father is not going to get satisfaction. It’s good that he has publicized photographs from his son’s autopsy. I’m sure the FBI wishes he had not obtained those. The bullet to the top of Todashev’s head establishes the FBI’s fishiness factor as nothing else does. Nevertheless, Abdul Baki Todashev will never hear a word from the agency, from the government, or from anyone else who knows the truth.