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I love reports like this! Watch the biggest threat to our national security warn that the government shutdown threatens our national security:

Top official warns shutdown is ‘dreamland’ for foreign intel services

Think hard: do you feel safer when our national intelligence agencies are “protecting” us, or when they’re on furlough? For a few brief days, we can breathe easy while the NSA takes a break from its nefarious plots. Then the surveillance state goes back to business as usual.

A nice touch is when Senator Lindsey Graham says to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, “You scared the hell out of us!” It almost sounds like a joke, but I’m afraid it isn’t. The senator means it.

Clapper warns that the shutdown is “a dreamland for foreign intelligence services to recruit.” I wonder what he means by that? Is he afraid that furloughed intelligence analysts will go to work for the evildoers? He must have meant that our enemies can confidently pick up their cell phones now, to call up their prospects!

Well, watch the video at the link above. Clapper actually suggests that furloughed employees – in financial straits because they’re not being paid – may go to work for our enemies! That must be a big morale boost for those employees, forced to take an unpaid vacation. He has a lot of confidence in the public servants who work for him.

James Clapper doesn’t like wascawy wabbits.

One observer of government said we imagine powerful people like Mr. Clapper to be terrible people, powerful giants who visit havoc on their foes. Then when you meet them, they seem like Elmer Fudd. Soon we’ll have to give James Clapper his shotgun back, so he can go hunting for wabbits.

Elmer Fudd in dreamland.

Meantime, the NSA will have to place its furloughed employees under extra close surveillance, to make sure they stay loyal! It’s a dreamland out there.

What would we do without you, Elmer?