If the feds torture people in the open, what do they do in secret?

Let’s ask a few more questions about our public servants:

Why do the people we hire to protect us, so often shoot us?

Why has Congress lost so much power relative to the Executive Branch?

Do we know how Iraq’s civil war affects Syria’s civil war, and vice versa?

Exactly who in Washington decides how to allocate federal expenditures?

How did the Federal Reserve Bank acquire authority to borrow more than a trillion dollars a year to buy bonds?

If payment of federal taxes became voluntary tomorrow, how many people would pay one dollar more to fund our government’s expenditures?

Why does the United States Border Patrol claim authority to detain people one hundred miles inside of our country’s boundary?

What limits ought to exist for use of force inside our country? Have we reached those limits?

That’s nine questions, enough for one post, I’d say. What questions would you add to this list? Click Leave a Comment above to add a question of your own.