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After the October 1 advent of HealthCare.gov, The Affordable Care Act is in the news again. The whole thing would be an embarrassment if it weren’t so damaging to all of us:

The Abysmal, Pathetic Obamacare Rollout – The Daily Beast

ObamaCare’s Black Box – Wall Street Journal

Meantime, we see these propagandistic photo-ops from the White House. Believe me, the White House communications people would not allow these smiley faces to get out if they thought the images made the president or his ACA lieutenants look bad.

Barack has a cuddle with Kathy and Nancy.

On the contrary, images of this sort make all three people look terrible. Why do these two women allow him to treat them like that? Look at the paternalistic, “I’m your daddy and you’re my girls” grin on the president’s face. Even more amazing, look at the unabashed, I’m-so-happy body language of both women. This is how our government operates, with a group hug in some ornate, high-ceilinged room of the White House? At least the guy in the background, on the left, attends to business.

To get an idea of how sexist this photograph actually is, put John Kerry and Chuck Hagel in place of Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy Pelosi, with similar expressions and body language all around. All three politicians would be mortified. What kind of locker room chatter would that picture start? The communications people certainly wouldn’t push the photograph into the government’s propaganda stream.

Whenever politicians get too chummy, no matter what their gender, watch out. Watch your back, your front, your sides, and your wallet. They will come after you, and milk you until you’re too weak to be of any more use. That’s the ACA lesson of the day.

Quick quiz:

Do you associate single-payer system with free health care?

Do you associate fee-for-service with expensive health care?

What do you associate with Affordable Care Act?

Who is your daddy?