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When I saw the phrase sword of Damocles in the past, I sort of wondered what it looked like. Who was Damocles, anyway, and why does his sword hang over people’s heads? Well, that’s still a mystery, but how the sword looks to Democrats in Congress isn’t a mystery at all:

Kimberly Strassel’s latest article in the Journal is titled Democrats Run for ObamaCare Cover. Her writing on health care legislation, and on many other subjects, is well-researched and pointed. Here’s a snippet:

Hundreds of thousands of health-insurance policies canceled. Companies dumping coverage and cutting employees’ hours. Premiums skyrocketing. And a website that reprises the experience of a Commodore 64.

The Democrats’ goal since the 2008 election, stated in other terms but pretty explicit nevertheless, has been to move the United States toward a European style welfare state. This goal has enough appeal that Obama won reelection in 2012. It has enough opponents that Republicans maintained a clear majority in the House of Representatives in the last electioin. This battle is not over, not by a long way.