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I recently imported a well done short film about the Fort Worth breakfast meeting where President Kennedy spoke on November 22, 1963. I took it down because it launched automatically, audio and all, when anyone visited http://sgreffenius.com.

You find yourself thinking as you watch the scenes that Kennedy has only four hours left to live. He’s his old charming self, doing what politicians do, and outwardly he seems to have laid aside the premonitions he had about what could happen on this trip. He tells the joke about how he’s the man who accompanied Jackie to Paris.

Meantime, a short distance away in Dallas, the assassins check their ammunition and gun sights, think about where they must position themselves, and run through the firing sequence in their minds. “Right onto Houston, left onto Elm, the car moves into range. We have to hit him right . . . there. I hope the car slows down enough.”

So few people that morning know what’s going to happen. But a few is enough.