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The fiftieth anniversary of Kennedy’s death fell on a Friday, the same day of the week Kennedy was publicly executed in Dealey Plaza. The Saturday that followed was a day of shock, confusion, and gloom. Sunday was the day Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald, and Monday was the day of Kennedy’s funeral.

Presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas

Today I finished a book called JFK: Conspiracy of Silence, by Dr. Charles Crenshaw. Dr. Crenshaw is the only doctor at Parkland hospital to tell the truth, in a book, about President Kennedy’s wounds when he arrived at Parkland on November 22, 1963. That took courage. You should read his account.

Dr. Charles Crenshaw

In 2001, Paraview Press republished the book under the title Trauma Room 1, a reference to the room where Parkland’s doctors attended to President Kennedy as he died. As Richard Hughes writes in his review of the book:

In closing, I will paraphrase Fletcher Prouty: “A cover story is like a balloon. It is not necessary to pierce it with dozens of needles to deflate it. Only a single needle will do.” Charles Crenshaw provides a single needle with this book. The wounds in the autopsy photos are not those he saw when treating Kennedy moments after the shooting. Thus you have a conspiracy. It’s that simple. The convoluted gymnastics that others go through to disprove conspiracy would be comical if the subject were not so serious.

Parkland Hospital, Trauma Room 1

The president’s limousine stood empty in the sun while Jack Kennedy lay on a gurney in the trauma room. Later on, a young woman noticed a bullet hole in the limousine’s windshield. She pointed it out to a friend. An official nearby overheard her remark, and quickly drove the car away.

Hospital staff stand outside the emergency room entrance as doctors attend to the president.

Reflect on this question as you think about the government’s record of truth in the Warren Commission Report: who are the only ones to lie about the facts of a crime?

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