July 16, 2014, is the fifteenth anniversary of JFK Jr.’s death. To note the occasion, I’d like to place two links here. Both articles discuss evidence related to JFK Jr.’s death in a plane crash about 9:40 pm on July 16, 1999.

The first article, written by Christopher Condon, is titled What Actually Happened to John F. Kennedy, Jr.? It appeared at LewRockwell.com on December 27, 2010.

The second article does not have a regular title, nor does it name the author. It appeared at The Conspiracy Zone, with no date given.

One article exemplifies the correct way to undertake research and analysis of this type. The other article exemplifies incorrect methods. Have a look at each one, to see if you can pick the exemplar of good research quickly. Ask which of the two pieces presents its arguments more persuasively.

You know I’m interested in the ways we separate good analysis from poor analysis, especially in areas where so-called authorities denigrate all work they consider out of the mainstream. When you cannot rely on the judgment of these self-appointed authorities, you want to become aware of the standards and methods you use to distinguish truthful discussion from less truthful discussion.

In line with these questions, have a look at Infamy, now available at The Jeffersonian. Someday you’ll probably have to pay a few dollars to download it from Amazon. Meantime, you can download an initial draft here, free. You won’t need to read it in order to select the better article above, but you’ll find the analysis of political knowledge in Infamy both useful and interesting.

Develop the filters you use to distinguish superior thinking that advances your knowledge, from inferior thinking that returns little for your effort.