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“The little-known murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer in October, 1964, may well be the connecting tissue binding together some of the central characters near the top of the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Utilizing solid research with an insider’s knowledge, Peter Janney gives us an intriguing close-up view of Allen Dulles, Cord Meyer, James Angleton, Ben Bradlee and a host of other operatives and spooks, all of whom are tied to the woman who may have been instrumental in turning Kennedy from a hawkish Cold Warrior into a seeker of peace. Mary’s Mosaic just might have solved a great murder mystery.” ~ Jim Marrs

Mary Pinchot Meyer’s gravesite in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Mary Pinchot Meyer died on October 12, 1964, just over fifty years ago. Ben Bradlee died on October 21, 2014, three days ago. They were born ten months apart, Mary in 1920 and Ben in 1921. Mary was 43 years old when she died next to a canal in Washington DC during a walk, two days short of her forty-fourth birthday. Ben was 93 years old when he died fifty years later.

Ben was Mary’s brother-in-law. He married Antoinette Pinchot, Mary’s sister, in 1957. Ben married three times. Antoinette was his second wife.

Mary Pinchot Meyer died young on her walk by the canal because she was assassinated. Ben Bradlee, Washington bureau chief for Newsweek at the time, did nothing to learn who shot his sister-in-law. He could have asked his friends at the CIA – James Angleton or Wistar Janney – who shot Mary. He could have asked Cord Meyer, also at the CIA and Mary’s former husband, who shot her. He didn’t need to ask them. They all knew who let the contract. They all knew why she died.

Ben Bradlee, Mary Meyer’s brother-in-law.

Clue: Mary was Jack Kennedy’s paramour during 1962 and 1963. She knew the Warren Commission report, published three weeks before her death, was a lie. She planned to tell people it was false. People at the CIA did not know what else she might lay bare.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, Ben Bradlee’s sister-in-law.

Read Peter Janney’s account of Mary Meyer’s death in Mary’s Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and their Vision for World Peace. Read what he says about Ben Bradlee in that book. Read what he says about his own father, Wistar Janney. You will not forget it.

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Mary’s Mosaic introduced me to a crucial new aspect of the Kennedy presidency that I was unfamiliar with. It taught me about the remarkable extent to which President Kennedy shared with his final amour, his true soul mate, the inner foreign policy workings of his administration – and the extent to which Mary Pinchot Meyer apparently challenged and influenced Jack Kennedy during the final two years of his Presidency. She was apparently there, beside him every step of the way, throughout 1963, as he embarked upon his quest to try to end the Cold War, and return sanity to America’s foreign policy.

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of this mesmerizing book is the detailed and convincing manner in which it reveals the suffocating power of the official JFK assassination cover-up imposed by the U.S. government immediately after his death – the power to manipulate the media and to steal documents; the willingness to manipulate the judicial system by aggressively attempting to frame an innocent man for a crime he did not commit; and even the willingness to commit murder to silence one brave and respected citizen who was about to publicly oppose the sham conclusions of the Warren Report.

Mary Meyer paid for her bravery – and her loyalty – with her life, but Peter Janney has rewarded her courage by publicly revealing, for the first time, the true and complete story of her relationship with President Kennedy during the fateful final year of his life.” ~ Douglas P. Horne