C: It just makes me mad that they did it again.
D: Who’s they, and what did they do again?
C: The FBI, and they screwed Boston again.
D: Well, then, I guess you need to tell me about the first time, and the second time.
C: Yeah, but I don’t know if I can paste a picture here.
D: What?
C: Don’t you want to know if we can put a picture right in here?
D: No.
C: Sure you do! Let’s go find the FBI seal.
D: That’s mighty nice!
C: Yeah, but you have to reformat the text after you paste the image.
D: That’s not so hard.
C: So don’t you think the FBI should just keep it’s hands off Boston?
D: Why do you dislike the FBI so much?
C: You shouldn’t get me started on that. Why can’t they just stop it?
D: Tell me about the first instance.
C: You mean the first time the FBI messed with Boston?
D: Yes.
C: Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant while he was whacking people.
D: I agree, that’s pretty bad. How many people did Bulger kill while he was an informant?
C: No one knows. I think the number cited at Bulger’s trial was twenty-one.
D: Did the FBI know what Bulger was doing?
C: Of course they did! They even gave Whitey information to confirm that the people he wanted to whack were actually rats!
D: You mean, Whitey couldn’t trust them.
C: That’s right. Bulger could go to the FBI and ask, “What do you have on so and so?” The FBI would tell him what they had, and Whitey would go off and kill ’em.
D: That doesn’t seem right.
C: Damn right it doesn’t seem right. The FBI is a law enforcement agency. That means it should apprehend people who break the law. Instead it helps them.
D: We still haven’t talked about the second instance…