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Does it remind you of 1984 propaganda? What makes a mainstream news outlet think that its audience will swallow this stuff? Every piece of information in the presentation can be correct, but the purpose of the video is to scare people.

Remember the propaganda from ten years ago: we have to fight the terrorists over there, so we don’t have to fight them here? What’s the message of this presentation? We’ve been fighting them in Iraq for thirteen years, and they’re still getting stronger! They’re headed our way! Pretty soon we’ll have presentations that urge, with their scary music and hooded executioners, run for the hills!

How did we get to this point? Do our news organizations really want to play this game? Do they want to make themselves into propaganda outlets? Everything looks like Infowars now. I hope people recognize propaganda when they see it, because we are awash in it, everywhere. You expect to see propaganda from a presidential candidate, or a sitting president who wants to gin up support for another war. But NBC News? What is their interest when they produce a video like this one? Do they merely want to harvest clicks and views?

So many news organizations, journalists and viewers say tsk, tsk over Brian Williams’ embellishments. How many will call NBC News on a presentation like this one? When you swim in an ocean of propaganda for a while, you become used to the water.

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