∞ Tell me, Mr. Police Officer, how is your enforcement of community standards different from the Klan’s a hundred years ago?

You’re another one of those people out to get us. Who sent you, de Blasio, Sharpton, or the U. S. attorney general?

∞ I’m just me. Tell me how you’re different from the Klan.

Well, we don’t wear hoods over our heads. People see who we are. We film all our operations. We never lie. Everything we do is on the up and up. We don’t burn crosses on people’s lawns – we don’t go in for intimidation of any sort. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race. And we prefer bullets to rope.

∞ Until Sandy Bland.

That was a trash bag.

∞ Hanging is hanging.

The Klan used to leave people hanging from trees next morning for everyone to see. People wouldn’t stand for that now. We leave a corpse in the middle of the street so the neighborhood can see what happens when you don’t behave.

∞ The neighborhood didn’t like that so much.

F**k ’em. If they don’t like the way we operate, f**k ’em.

∞ Tell me how you operated with Sandy Bland.

She committed suicide. What can you say?

∞ Is that an example of how you operate?

What do you mean?

∞ Jails are set up to prevent suicide.

That’s right. We have a camera in every cell – video surveillance round the clock. We take away everything that might be used to harm yourself: belts, any kind of pocket knife, all medications. Sometimes we even take people’s clothes.

∞ But not trash bags.

Who would’a thought?

∞ A trash bag for a wastebasket isn’t big enough to hang yourself.

Bland used one of those big ones – long enough to tie a big knot on both ends.

∞ Why wouldn’t she just put it over her head?

Ask her.

∞ Why would a bag that big be in her cell? She didn’t bring it with her.

I guess someone screwed up.

∞ I’ll say.

(No answer.)

∞ Don’t you think someone screwed up?

We don’t comment when there’s an ongoing investigation.

∞ Do you think murder is a screw-up?

(No answer.)

∞ What did Bland say the morning she died, while she was in solitary confinement? How was she feeling after spending the weekend locked up in your friendly hostel for troublemakers?

I knew you were one of those meddlers.

∞ Do you think finding a prisoner dead in her cell is a screw-up?

She killed herself. That’s all I can say.

∞ When a prisoner dies in police custody, that’s one of the worst things that can happen. That’s what happens in countries where people disappear. You can’t routinely say she killed herself. People won’t believe it.

Just watch.

∞ What do you mean by that?

(No answer.)


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