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I write The Jeffersonian because political ethics is my favorite subject. It’s also an important one. Almost all the articles here deal with the ways power can have good effects, or bad ones. The worst uses of power involve political crimes. For now, I plan to publish some material about political crimes at Conversations with Dio.

Normally, if the subject is politics, I want to post it here. For work on Silvey’s book, I plan to post at Conversations instead, to reserve The Jeffersonian for my own writing. Visit Conversations with Dio to see David Silvey’s Project Artichoke: Overview. That post developed over some time. It’s a good introduction to Silvey’s book.

Silvey’s Project Artichoke needs editing badly. David Silvey died in 2009, so he is not able to edit his own work, or obtain a publisher or editor who can do it. His book, published in 2010, is his unedited journal and notes. Editing can make David’s story easier to understand: that’s my contribution. David Silvey wanted people to know his story.

Have a look at the edited version of the overview. Project Artichoke is a personal memoir, the only account of the 1960s that clearly connects the CIA’s mind control program called MKULTRA, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, and California’s Zodiac murders. For that reason only, you’ll find Silvey’s story worth reading.

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