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Here are three questions to think about on the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11:

  • If the feds decided a controlled demolition destroyed WTC 7 after all, would you agree with their conclusion?
  • If Congress decided the 9/11 Commission did an inadequate job in its report, and proposed a new investigation, what would you think?
  • If you discovered molten steel under all three skyscrapers that came down on 9/11, what conclusions would you reach?

Let’s consider each of these questions briefly:

The first one deals with authority. We all make judgments based on authority, since we cannot investigate every question for ourselves. Often the question – what do you think? – means, what do you believe about the thinking other people have done? If NIST changes its mind about why WTC 7 came down, and you believe NIST’s first conclusion, you would have to decide whether to stay with the first finding, or change your mind along with NIST. Changing your mind would clearly indicate – to you – that NIST’s findings carry authority.

The second question deals with authority as well, along with some other institutional issues. We can let that one sit for now. Meantime, have a look at this chapter in Infamy: A New Investigation.

The last proposal addresses this exchange between doubters and the feds:

Doubter: “Burning aircraft fuel cannot melt steel.”

Fed: “For the progressive collapse theory to be true, burning fuel does not have to melt steel. It only has to weaken it.”

And the exchange stops there. Feds do not deny, however, that salvage workers found molten steel – large quantities of it – under remains of all three buildings: North Tower, South Tower, and WTC 7. They do not highlight this finding, of course, because it does not fit their theory, but they do not say it is untrue. The existence of molten steel underneath the wreckage of all three buildings makes the feds’ response to doubters irrelevant and unimportant.

Some connection exists between molten steel underneath the wreckage, and sudden loss of structural integrity in all three buildings. Progressive collapse does not cause steel to melt. You need a blast furnace or thermite to melt steel. A blast furnace at its hottest exceeds a fuel fire’s hottest temperature by about 1,000 degrees F. The feds have no explanation for liquid metal found under Ground Zero.

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