And now for a little fun:

Lesson one – Something the big european banks have already learned: don’t do business in the United States. You will pay one way or the other.

Lesson two – If you do want to do business in the United States, and you are a high profile, wealthy target, treat your rule breaking as civil disobedience. The feds will still levy a fine on you, but you can say correctly that some rules deserve to be broken. Also, if you engage in civil disobedience, you don’t want to keep it a secret for ten years. That defeats the purpose a little bit.

Lesson three – If you decide to cheat, don’t leave your customers out to dry. Your customers and the feds are not the same people.

Lesson four – Cheaters eventually get caught.

Lesson five – That German engineering is outstanding! Clever work! Now we know how VW beat Toyota to take the number one spot for cars sold.