See Kevin Ryan’s article in Washington’s Blog, Propaganda Can’t Melt Steel Beams. The article prompts this short exchange between a 9/11 skeptic and a federal official, brief to preserve the basics:

Skeptic: You know that a jet fuel fire cannot melt steel.

Fed: It doesn’t have to melt steel. It only has to weaken it enough to initiate a pancake-zipper progressive collapse.

Skeptic: We’ll skip the pancake-zipper theory. I’m referring to the molten steel found underneath all three buildings that came down: the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7. Where did that come from?

Fed: What molten steel?

That’s the end. No official report acknowledges that salvage workers found molten steel underneath all three buildings. If you do not acknowledge something, you do not have to explain it. If you do not explain something, no one can challenge your explanation. If no one can challenge your explanation, you are right.

But reality doesn’t change merely because you pretend something does not exist. Salvage workers _did_ find molten steel under the wreckage of all three buildings. Anyone with even a little curiosity would want to know where that liquid steel came from. Steel melts at about 2,500 degrees F. Where did energy to heat steel to a temperature that high originate? Nothing in the pancake-zipper theory answers that question, nor does the theory pretend to answer it.

Once more, no official report even acknowledges the discovery of liquid steel at any of the sites. Therefore, no official report offers an explanation for why the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 came down.

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