Can the ACA be fixed? That is not a logical question. Why? Because the ACA as legislation is incoherent. Moreover, the so-called health care system it is supposed to govern is not a single system. So you have an incoherent set of rules to govern a fragmented, competitive market that has proven both resistant and unamenable to detailed regulation. If you want to fix something, the something has to exist. Moreover, you need to identify what is wrong with it, in reference to the way it is supposed to work. None of those conditions exist with the ACA.

Opponents mocked Nancy Pelosi when she said we have to pass the ACA in order to discover what is in it. Well, the Congress she led at the time passed it, and we discovered when we took the cover off that we had a bucket of garbage in front of us. How do you fix a bucket of garbage? You don’t. You throw it out.

And you learn from your mistakes.

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