Fifty-three years ago yesterday, Jack Ruby murdered Lee Oswald in the basement of a Dallas jail, on November 24, 1963. A couple of recent posts in The Jeffersonian contain comments on this significant event:

November 22 – 24, 1963

When a patriot becomes a patsy

To learn more about Lee Oswald, read this excellent memoir by Judyth Vary Baker:

Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald

Read Baker’s account of her last phone conversation with Lee Oswald, on pages 519 – 524 of the book.

Lastly, to learn about Lee Oswald’s role in the events of November 22, 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, read:

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

For all the sobering material in these publications, Happy Thanksgiving, for the day and for the whole season. November 24 happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year, but I didn’t see any reason to publish this post on the holiday. So it appears the day after.