Twenty-five quotes we will remember from Barack Obama’s years in the White House:

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

“It’s good we’re having this conversation.” ~ Compliment paid to Edward Snowden about reasons for NSA surveillance, as the president’s security forces tried to arrest Snowden for espionage and treason.

“The American people are too stupid to know what’s in it.” ~ Jonathan Gruber, about the Affordable Care Act.

“The first thing we’re going to do is close Guantanamo.”

“Yeah, we tortured some folks.” ~ President’s response to a comprehensive report on the CIA’s torture methods and practices.

“It’s just some rogue agents in our Cincinnati office.” ~ About the IRS’s practice of going after disfavored political groups.

“The president approves every person on the kill list.” Reassurance offered around the time the president’s security forces assassinated an American citizen.

“The only thing we all belong to is the government.”

“We have our boot on their neck.” ~ Encouragement offered to British Petroleum while they tried to stop the Gulf spill.

“It’s time to have a talk with your parents about health care insurance.” ~ Message from Pajama Boy Christmas ad.

“Russians hacked our elections.” ~ Reason to impose sanctions on Russia after Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

“Donald Trump is not fit for office.”

“We ended the war in Iraq.”

“We got him!” ~ After assassinating Osama bin Laden, and dumping his body at sea.

“We are going to be the most transparent administration in our country’s history.”

“With this legislation, you will see your health care costs go down.”

“Not wittingly.” ~ James Clapper, answering Ron Wyden’s question about whether the NSA engages in mass collection of personal data.

“Why should we worry about some JV team?” ~ About ISIS, shortly before it occupied Mosul and other key areas in Iraq and Syria.

“We didn’t really expect that” ~ Shortly after Russia occupied Crimea with unmarked forces.

“I’m pleased to announce a new cease fire in Syria.” ~ John Kerry

“If Assad uses poison gas, that would be a red line.”

“We did not pay off Iran for signing the nuclear deal.”

“No one knows the drone program exists.”

“The state is here to help you.” ~ Message of the famous Julia ad.

“Bush did it.”

Note: I did not source these quotes to verify accuracy. Quotation marks are for emphasis.

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