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From: American People

To: Library of Congress

Subj: Inauguration Poster

Top ten reasons you should hire a copy editor:

  • No one is perfect.
  • Only copy editors care.
  • Intersection of red tie, white shirt, and the word to make the mistake hard to catch.
  • Mistakes make you look incompetent.
  • You wanted to charge people $16.95 for this joke??
  • How much money did we taxpayers lay down for posters you sent to recycling? Related: how large was the print run?
  • Actually, $16.95 is not so bad for this collector’s item – send me two.
  • The Donald has such a nice smile here. Keep up the entertainment!
  • The poster looks so official and friendly, our big brother in the White House, but behind the curtain are a bunch of hamsters who run in their wheels until some food pellets drop out.
  • Copy editors are friendly people who won’t bother you, but they keep you out of trouble. Make one of them your next celebrity apprentice.

That’s it! Suitable for framing, man!

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Screen shot from Library of Congress’s online store:

Image result for trump inauguration poster