One could add that Amash’s father is Palestinian, and his mother is Syrian.

From Robby Soave at Reason:

As Amash notes, our civilization does not belong to people of a certain ethnicity or racial heritage—it belongs to anyone and everyone who subscribes to Enlightenment ideas about free speech, the rule of law, democracy, and free markets.

…Do some immigrants hold views that are anathema to the Western project? Of course. But so do some native-born citizens. At this moment, perhaps no one is working harder to weaken two of the most fundamental norms of the civilized West—restrained government and free trade—than U.S. President Donald Trump, a non-immigrant. Preserving Western society does not mean kicking out immigrant babies, or engaging in some kind of race to birth more white kids. It’s the ideas that matter, not the skin colors of the people who hold them.

 And from Nick Gillespie at Reason:

The idea of America as a place where anyone from anywhere can come and express their potential through radical economic, cultural, and political freedom is what’s exceptional about this country. At its best, America is always something new and constantly changing, becoming, one hopes, ever-more inclusive and expansive. There’s always room for more of everything in a country that has barely gotten started.

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