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So you wonder why you see Twitter boxes at The Jeffersonian, the same boxes you see in so many other articles online. Let me explain.

I like to write, but no writer likes a blank page or a blank screen. It’s not a good way to get started, though with blog posts it’s hard to avoid. So I read something online that I where I want to respond, then open up Twitlonger to write comments. The item I’ve read goes under Related article at the bottom, though it may start at the top.

Some of those posts turn out pretty long, others wind up short. Either way, most of them stay over at Twitter, as it takes some time to bring them into TJ. That feels like a shame, as those Twitlonger posts have some good material in them. Hence I’ve wanted to see if I can bring some of that material into the blog via links, like the ones you see below.

If you read a Twitlonger post, and would like to see it appear as a TJ article, let me know in the comments. That gives me a feel for where your interests lie, and gives me extra motivation to republish the original post. Meantime, I’ll keep writing and publishing in both places: Twitlonger and TJ.

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