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NPR interviewed Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA, this morning. Subject of discussion was Michael Flynn, his appointment as national security advisor, and his rapid fall. As Hayden commented about this particular appointment, he said that the position needed someone who understands how the plumbing in Washington works.

Have you ever heard a person of Hayden’s background refer so explicitly to the deep state? He led the agency that actively directs the deep state’s activities! The plumbing he mentions so casually produced a bullet to Jack Kennedy’s skull. Less than ten years later, it produced CIA plumbers – among them James McCord, Frank Sturgis, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard Barker, and E. Howard Hunt – who helped bring down President Nixon.

Hayden would deny he meant anything like that. He would say my remarks are just typical of the way people jump on every little thing nowadays. He would say he merely chose a mundane word to indicate we need appointees who know how one thing is connected to another. Plumbing comprises more than connected pipes, though. It lies out of sight. Some parts of it carry sewage. You don’t want to think about it. When you do think about it, you have a mess to clean up.

Hayden would not be on the radio during the morning commute if the deep state did not have a burst pipe and a mess to clean up. Rumors, charges, uneasiness, dismissals, embarrassment, and all sorts of amazing events indicate the deep state is active, just as it was when Snowden spilled his laptop full of beans, then made his getaway. Spooks and plumbers definitely like their operations – and their information – to stay hidden. That’s why it’s so entertaining to see them deal with charges about Russian hacking, with no ability to produce any evidence for it.

I won’t say that because the spooks and other investigators won’t produce evidence, that nothing happened. Mr. Podesta can assure you something did occur, to embarrass him, the Clinton campaign staff, and the entire Democratic party. Even small leaks don’t happen by accident, and Podesta’s leak does not count as small. The hackers had all of us thinking what they wanted us to think: “If Democrats can’t keep their own email secure, why should we trust them to run the country?”

From the beginning, feds have asked us to trust them on this investigation. That is, if we say the Russian government interfered with our election, you have to believe us, because we certainly won’t tell you how we know that. That information is all secret. No matter how many people testify before Congress, you will not learn anything of substance.

Yet anyone who trusts the feds is a total fool, even when the feds tell the truth. Why? Because if you trust an enemy once, the same enemy uses your credulity to destroy you later on. Consider the 1950s and early 1960s as your example. Some of what the deep state said about the Soviets during that period was true. Then the same deep state hires a powerful rifle to blow the president’s head apart, like a pumpkin packed with brain tissue, and expects everyone to believe crazy Tinkerbell did it all by herself. Lo and behold, almost everyone believes the fairy tale. Believing the feds had become a habit.

We need to break that bad habit, and fast. Meantime, watch the action in Washington, to see if the plumbers can fix their pipes.


As many stars revolve around the pole star while earth rotates, remember one constant principle: if Vladimir Putin likes Donald Trump in the White House, the deep state regards Trump as a threat. Watch the contest continue.