If the United States government finds citizens who fund it contemptible, it invites a reciprocal response from the same taxpayers. Right now, a lot of Americans find their government contemptible. People with this attitude comprise an interesting mix. Some find it contemptible because our new president’s antics make all governmental institutions appear ridiculous. Others found those institutions contemptible long before Trump ran for office: that’s why they voted for Trump. Still others cannot abide what Washington’s long reach has done to them, or to their country, no matter who is in the White House and no matter who they vote for.

All around, Washington has few supporters left. Mostly its supporters are cronies across the country who feed at the trough, high-level apparatchiks in Washington who love to count themselves in the ruling caste, operators, fixers, funders, pollsters, and Eastern corridor denizens who love to ring up their old friends from Yale. A few people on the Democratic left – Elizabeth Warren, for instance – still believe government agencies, regulations and laws serve as effective instruments to fight for ‘the people’. Evolution of our politics and collapse of federal authority will show their mistake soon enough. Election of Trump to the presidency reveals the collapse is already underway.

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