We have seen a loss of integrity in educational leadership. Leaders and administrators appear to lack energy, vision, commitment, or even the moral wherewithal to stop the bad things we have seen happen on college campuses. A sort of sickness in college culture has taken hold. You can see it everywhere as colleges and universities both magnify and fall victim to invidious currents of violence and hate. That is why one feels emotional to encounter one educator – in this instance Lt. General Jay Silveria – defend foundational values of the school he leads, the United States Air Force Academy:

Silveria speaks in response to racial slurs written on students’ white boards at the academy’s prep school. To oppose racial slurs is not a controversial position. What draws your attention to Silveria’s speech is his forceful manner, his emphasis on dignity and respect for all, and his emphatically repeated command to anyone at the academy not willing to treat others with dignity and respect: “Get out!” “Get out!” We do not want you here, you do not belong here, and we want you out as fast as possible.