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The part of Trump’s presidency I like the best is his feud with the intelligence community. It’s fun to see the way mainstream media cover the feud, too. It’s total entertainment, as spooks will never release information to hold up their end of the argument, and Trump will never keep his mouth shut. Mainstream media side with the intelligence community, but they won’t say why they do.

In ancient Rome, rulers spent boatloads of stolen money on circuses and other entertainments to distract people from every kind of government malfeasance, and of course to keep everyone happy. In modern Washington, government is the entertainment: it’s an ever-loving circus every day! That’s innovative efficiency – the feds don’t need to open up an entertainment account to keep us all enthralled. In the center ring is the president, gladiator number one, duking it out with Clapper, Comey, and Brennan all at once. Then in comes bare-chested Putin to help out his bro, The Donald. Professional wrestling does not get better.

Who do you cheer for, the CIA-NSA-FBI Triumvirate, or the Trump-Putin Duo? Remember, gladiatorial fights to the death do not have referees to enforce rules of combat, so you don’t have to pick the side that follows the rules. Unless the Triumvirate loosens up its restrictions on disclosure of evidence, I put my bets on the Duo. Even with Mueller and media to help out the spooks, no one likes the Triumvirate one bit. Everyone boos when they enter the ring. The crowd gives them a thumbs down even before the fight begins.

Sorry mainstreamers, but his Orangeness and the Chest have the contest wrapped up. Invincible, manly, unprincipled strongmen always win. You may love to hate The Donald and his buddy in Moscow even more than you dislike the Triumvirate, but when you bet on devious, villainous spies, you always lose your stake.

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