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One man dead, woman injured
after trooper fires into car 
near Chicopee just after midnight.
What happened? Who did it?
Everything is a secret.
The police officer’s name is a secret.
The victim’s name is a secret.
The passenger’s name is a secret.
The rise of the warrior cop,
It’s a scary thing you know.
Can’t do nothin’ about it.
‘Less you stand up to the Man.
You gonna stand up and ask ‘im to shoot you?
You know they used to shoot people in the camps for fun.
It’s part of the dopamine rush, you know.
Go in and take people down. Shoot ’em.
Look what you’re up against, mister:
Rubber bullets, regular bullets with full metal jackets,
Tasers, tear gas, truncheons, and jack boots,
Stun grenades, armor, dogs, and infrared goggles.
Lock down schools, universities, playgrounds,
Lock down cities, roll armor into Watertown.
Do you want to know who
They’ve come looking for?
They’re looking for you.
A government of wolves
Is outside your door and
They’ve come for you.
A man was killed in Chicopee last night,
We’ll never find out what happened.
It’s a secret, and not even the woman
Who sat next to him can ever tell her story.
Trooper man shot into the car several times.
Don’t look at a policeman the wrong way,
Don’t say the wrong thing, because
He’ll put bullets through the driver’s side door.

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One man dead, woman injured after trooper fires into car near Chicopee just after midnight