Congress plays, “Which one is a Weinstein?” After it identifies those guys, it asks, “Are you a major, totally worthless, disreputable Weinstein? Or are you a minor, possibly worthless Weinstein, likable perhaps and sufficiently valuable to let you stay?” A Pelosi Weinstein has to go because the minority leader says he has to go. A Franken Weinstein pleads his case before the Ethics Committee because, well, how can you force a liberal, former SNL comedian to resign? A Roy Moore Weinstein presents a special case, because Roy Moore molests children – or used to molest them – and ‘denies wrongdoing’. No one wants to, or has to deal with him until he gets elected on December 12.

It’s great to see Congress eat its own – as if its reputation were not sorry enough. The president cannot tell Congress to clean house, because he’s as bad as they are! Cavemen have better manners than these guys. So you just spectate and smile. The DC politicians parade around like they’re powerful and respected, when actually they’re no better than the Hollywood Weinsteins, the Madison Avenue Weinsteins, the Wall Street Weinsteins, the Pentagon Weinsteins, the police Weinsteins who rape their prisoners, the university Weinsteins, or the Clinton and Cosby celebrity Weinsteins. Congratulations, Congress. Perhaps you have at last reached the level of public esteem you deserve.