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The bureaucracy swings into motion after an incredible blunder. No matter how incompetent you think government agencies are, you find that your estimate is way too high. Here is the screen shot everyone has seen by now:

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Now read the kind of thing government officials say after a major f**k-up:

The FCC and all agencies concerned take the threat assessment system and accuracy of its warnings very seriously. We intend to find out how this happened, and to hold responsible parties accountable. Our thoughts go out to all people who may have been affected by this incident.

That’s the last you’ll hear of it. You will never hear anything about how the responsible agency had a system in place where a simple mouse-click could result in a false alarm. Did you ever hear anything so astonishing? I can tell you something: the next time an alarm goes out, especially in Hawaii, few will believe it, whether or not it’s accurate.

About the official statement above to express concern over the agency’s blunder: I made that up.

Now let’s have a look at Jamie Lee Curtis’s tweet on the subject:

I am no defender of the president, God knows, but this tweet takes thoughtlessness to unplumbed depths. Have we really reached the point where the president’s narcissism, hubris, arrogance, rage, ego, immaturity, and unstable idiocy make him responsible for an error someone made at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency? It appears Curtis’s Twitter finger is about as undisciplined as the president’s. I guess if you like short bursts of gunfire in your political battles, Twitter remains the best source of twisted entertainment. Too many bad jokes can affect your brain, though.

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