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I can’t believe the defense hype people put on YouTube! It’s all DoD approved, I’m sure. Check out the USS Zumwalt videos. Then go to the F-35 videos, also known as ‘how to make impressive garbage look exciting’:

Note the film has nothing to say about the plane, or why it is a superior weapons system. You’re supposed to like it because it goes fast, and it makes a lot of noise. This three minute film gets boring after about thirty-five seconds.

Here’s the first article that got me started:

Exclusive: Japan to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters

Good heavens, I thought the Japanese were intelligent about deployment of their military resources. Why would they buy an airplane like the F-35?

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Alright, I have to include this one for the background music, which isn’t exactly in the background:

This ship is even more inoperable than the fighter!