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We are approaching a milestone here. Soon the number of posts at The Jeffersonian and Conversations with Dio will equal one thousand. Right now, we are at 985, with most of those at The Jeffersonian. I appreciate so many readers sticking with this blog for so long. I love writing for it.

I wanted to write this post, partly to note the milestone, partly to help me decide how to handle this journal in the future. I know I take a chance here, as I do not want to lose my audience because I reflect in print where to take this publication. Let’s see how this works out.

First, writing about current affairs can be therapeutic, or it can make you feel worse. Lately I have thought I should avoid thinking or writing about controversies centered on Washington, DC. Places outside of DC, such as Syria, the southwest border, or college campuses, can be discouraging, too. All that is a pretty big swath of subject matter.

In line with that, I’ve advocated that we not pay attention to our president. I said that about George W. Bush as well. Writing about Obama was better, relatively, as one could more easily focus on matters of policy. As you know, I’ve ignored my own advice about where to direct attention many times. I want to try all the harder to follow it. Poor leadership is only one of our country’s problems.

Let me finish with a reference to Conversations with Dio. That’s the blog where I publish anything that does not belong here at The Jeffersonian. Right now I am most interested in family history. I recently published a book called Letters Home for family members. Some parts of that book appear as posts in Conversations. So, if you feel the frequency of posts at The Jeffersonian has fallen off a bit, go over to Conversations, to see the latest at that site.