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To what do we attribute the current state of our leadership and legislators, peopled with faint-hearted fanatics from top to bottom? Why, we trace the character of our leaders and string-pullers, interested for the most part in power and party advantage, to the same crime that ended Kennedy’s vision.


Read James Douglass’s JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters. You will understand in that book the close connection between the reasons for Kennedy’s death, and the consequences that flowed from it. You will understand why avoidance of the truth about his death – the unspeakable – created conditions that would lead a great nation to become petty.

The people who killed Kennedy thought they would save the nation. Instead they robbed the nation of its ideals and its hopes, and reduced it to pettiness. Peace and freedom – foremost among Kennedy’s ideals, foremost among the nation’s – travel together. One cannot exist without the other. When we let Kennedy’s murderers go, they recreated the country in their own image: a country of bondage, war, and bitter quarrels. To reclaim Kennedy’s vision, reclaim power from the people who killed him.

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