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Here’s how we know the feds will go down eventually, in a smoke of treachery, lies, and amazing incompetence. They betray even their own people. Because they wanted to ‘get’ the incoming Trump administration, they set the new national security advisor up for a felony conviction that carries a five year prison sentence.

Betrayal within the ranks

I have argued for years that people who are supposed to protect us are not our friends. In fact, they betray their own colleagues without a second thought. Andrew McCabe at the FBI calls Michael Flynn over at the White House to ask Flynn for an interview. As a favor, and since it’s supposed to be an informal meeting, Flynn agrees to meet two agents without a lawyer present. BAM! Hours later, McCabe has evidence he needs to convict Flynn of lying, as Flynn says something inconsistent with phone call transcripts McCabe has from wiretapping the phones of Russian diplomats.

So much for trust within the ranks. If that’s the way the FBI treats a retired lieutenant general who serves as national security advisor, imagine how they would treat you. These people are not here to protect the country, or uphold the law. They are here to bag you. That’s a term hunters use. They shoot game, then throw the animal’s bloody carcass into a bag.

Extra points

These points may not console Flynn for his mistakes, but let’s have a look.

First, Flynn was a marked man after he led the “Lock her up!” cheer at the Republican National Convention. Fervent campaign supporters had already made the chant part of Trump rallies around the country, but when a man of Flynn’s stature leads a crude demonstration on the convention floor, to demand a presidential candidate’s imprisonment, observers say, “Noted.” The FBI noted it. We know where their sympathies lay, and they weren’t with Trump. When they had a chance to destroy Flynn shortly after the inauguration, they went for it.

More broadly, why does the FBI investigate itself in every circumstance? We have independent prosecutors like Robert Mueller, independent commissions like the Warren Commission. Yet each independent authority depends on the FBI, partly because the FBI controls so much information. Further, the bureau is so mixed up in dirty business, you will never extract the truth from them. When things go to sh*t, as they obviously did during the 2016 campaign, who in the world would believe anything the FBI tells you?

The whole agency appears to run a back room operation, replete with all the secret moves and plots you expect from organized crime. To illustrate, in 2019 the FBI declines to release the report they wrote six months after they interviewed Michael Flynn in February 2017. They have their conviction, so why should they? Whatever you get from them, it makes the FBI look good. James Comey calls that good leadership. Others call it self-serving. FBI could stand for Forgotten Buffoons and Ingrates, if their behavior were not so mean, destructive, and out-of-control.

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