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Happy New Year to all! Thank you once again for your loyalty through trouble and turmoil. Let’s take a quick look at 2018 posts, to review the year just ended. They are in chronological order, from January to December 2018.

First, a reminder we have been down shutdown alley before, and not so long ago at that:

Give government a rest: ignore the latest impasse

On January 13, 2018, feds sent a false alarm to all of Hawaii. This post recalls never-ending federal incompetence:

Amber alert, threat level four, seek immediate shelter

2018 Hawaii missile alert.jpg

Posts about political crimes continued in 2018. This one from February 27 concerns destruction of World Trade Center 7:

Building 7 thought experiment

Another recollection of state crimes follows about two weeks later, on March 13:

Fifteenth anniversary of the Iraq war

April 7 saw a post on the criminalization of everything:

Beautiful smile your daughter has – shame if something were to happen to her

In May, Senate confirms Gina Haspel as CIA director, and Jeff Sessions openly advocates cruelty to children:

Wicked policy, cruelty openly advocated

A post from June 2 treats a theme prominent in my book, Infamy:

Fake news as a social phenomenon

Some thoughts about social and political obligations appeared in July:

National service: who belongs to whom

I picked two posts from August, when we celebrate what remains of summer:

“I pledge allegiance to the FBI, and to the republic for which it stands”

The end is coming

Read these thoughts on 9/11, seventeen years later:

Disintegration, seventeen contentious years later

I wrote a lot of posts about free speech at Reed and Middlebury colleges in 2017 and 2018. I graduated from Reed in 1976.

End of freedom at Reed College

Football season brought the infamous Bracamontes ad to Sunday night football:

Bracamontes ad on Sunday Night Football

We are in for a lot of politics in 2019, as we prepare for the primaries in 2020. On New Year’s Eve, Warren stepped up:

Elizabeth Warren and Democratic Socialism

That does it! Let’s see what the upcoming year produces. I’d like to write a memoir of 1967-1969 during 2019. The working title is Know the Place for the First Time. If that project comes along, you may see fragments or other material at Conversations with Dio.