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We are never, ever going to find out exactly what led President Obama to expel thirty-five Russian diplomats in December 2016. Did the FBI scam the president, to cover its own misfeasance during the entire year? Does the FBI have evidence that it conceals even now?

Robert Mueller’s investigation was a creature of the FBI and Department of Justice: naturally he would not publish damaging evidence about his own people. We would not hear details about FBI’s interference in America’s political processes from him. So we have to ask, two and a half years later, why did Obama offer no evidence for the expulsions at the time, only the say-so of his intelligence agencies?

In the early months of Jack Kennedy’s presidency, CIA scammed the new chief executive over the Bay of Pigs. Did FBI convince Obama in December that they had Russian intelligence agencies cold? If FBI actually did have evidence to justify a public accusation and consequent expulsions, why has none of it come out during the long history of Mueller’s work? That evidence would have vindicated the FBI diligence and desire to protect the country from foreign influence, yet no one – including Mueller – has revealed anything about information the FBI presented to Obama after the 2016 election.

William McGurn: Mueller Exposes Spy Chiefs – Did our intel leaders have any evidence when they pushed the Russia collusion line?

To gather this evidence, and make these findings clear to all of us, was the central task in Mueller’s written instructions. Given that his report is silent about it, our only conclusion is that FBI bullsh*tted the president when it convinced him to accuse Russian intelligence of meddling in the presidential election.

Consequently we have to ask, how could that happen? JFK blamed himself for letting the CIA play him, as he learned just how dishonest senior advisors could be, but Obama had been around the track numerous times. He had eight years to observe FBI trickery, mendacity, incompetence, blatant interference in politics, and endless bungling. He had seen, up close, how FBI and Justice handled the Clinton email investigation. When they implicated Russian intelligence, why did he stake his own reputation on these tricksters? Did he simply believe them, because he hadn’t the heart to send them away?

The question is still a mystery. After all the strange things that happened in 2016, President Obama, shrewd politician, makes a major mistake. Why? I concluded at the time we would never learn the evidence. I did think FBI had presented him with some basis for action, however obscure. Mueller’s report indicates even that does not exist. Indictments against hackers from Fancy Bear who-knows-where do not help us, especially when the charges detail activities governments all over the world have undertaken since before the Internet.

Now we read ‘the system worked.’ Yeah, ‘the system worked’ means DOJ f*cks with the president, and invariably gets away with it. Thank you, Robert Mueller, for the reminder.

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