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Call the 737 MAX the Boeing roulette plane. Spin the chambers before takeoff, and see if this time, the aircraft drives itself into the ground, or the sea, and kills everybody onboard. If it doesn’t, spin the chambers again before the next takeoff. Pull the throttle back until you are airborne, and see if this time you wind up at the bottom of the ocean.

The pistol manufacturer says, “The gun is safe, you are simply using it in an unsafe manner.”

Boeing has tried to restore its battered reputation, while continuing to insist the 737 Max is safe.

Well, Boeing, I do not think that argument works well here, but you can try anything you like to repair your reputation. From here it looks like you not only build unsafe planes, you lie about them. Moreover, if you think a ‘software update’ reassures people, think another time. How much confidence to you think people have in software?

Do you know why you do not have any competitors here in the United States? Because the FAA and a complex regulatory regime make it so difficult to start a new aeronautical firm. So you can force pilots to fly your deadly machines, no matter how poorly you design them.

Insist your planes are safe. We know the truth, and we know who cares about the truth. What do you say to families of the people who died on those two aircraft? We had a bit of bad luck there?

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