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Democratic strategy to unseat Donald Trump – if you can call it a strategy – consists of four lines of attack: investigate the president, challenge his fitness for office, threaten to impeach him, and propose socialist policies. These efforts will fail. They will not remove him from office in the next fifteen months, nor will they contribute to an electoral victory in November 2020. For almost three years, I have argued that Democrats must concentrate all their energy to defeat the president in the election. They have not done that.

At this late stage, they give no indication that they recognize their failure, or that they intend to change strategy. That leaves a sober conclusion: Trump will win reelection, unless a non-Democrat unseats him. Given our electoral rules and the state of our political environment, non-Democratic politicians have a only a tiny chance to win 270 electoral votes next year. Therefore, Trump stands to win a second term.

If the country wants to rid itself of this man, voters must find a candidate for office who can prevail in this contest. Democrats, however, want to keep such candidates off the ballot in as many states as possible. They will do so. Thus they act against their party’s and their nation’s interests, and for the advantage of all their opponents.


I returned from a visit to Bloemendaal in the Netherlands yesterday. I wanted to record a quick thought about a memorial I saw there, for Jews from Bloemendaal who died in Nazi concentration camps from 1940 to 1945. Click here, and scroll down to see photographs of the memorial.

On all six sides, the memorial lists the name of each Bloemendaal resident who died, along with his or her age. It lists boys and girls, elderly, young, middled-aged men and women in alphabetical order. At the base, on a Star of David, you see the names of camps where they died: Sobibor, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, and so on. Bloemendaal is a small community, so the number of names does not overwhelm you. It makes you feel sad.

I hope someday, someone erects a memorial to children and family members who died at United States concentration camps at the southern border. We want to remember what happened there.