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Reminder to Nancy Pelosi: don’t wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.

One Speaker of the House after another comes to a bad end because strong-minded, unruly members in the majority party reject leadership from the person they select to lead them. In each case, the speaker’s political career ends in ignominious resignation and retirement. When Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings on Tuesday, did she look like someone who wants to get in the ring with swine?

I don’t think the House members who pushed her into this action even know what they are doing. The Squad of Four come across as earnest party destroyers, no more politically savvy than the Tea Party radicals who stormed Congress in 2010 and after. We know what happened to them. The Republican party enveloped them, and eventually the Tea Party caucus climbed into the sty to join the pig. Now left-wing Democrats want to get him reelected.

So let’s say a blessing for Nancy Pelosi’s long public career, which will end in ignominy after her clueless troops impeach Trump, and Trump wins the 2020 election. Republicans need to flip only nineteen or twenty seats in 2020 to resume the majority they had due to Obamacare. If they do that, Nancy Pelosi would not even have to resign the speakership. Republicans would walk in and take it from her.

One more reminder: Trump and his allies in the Senate may schedule the vote for his acquittal during the week before election day. That makes outstanding political theater: vindicate your base, deflate your opponents, and win.

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