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Richard Shenkman’s article below, about a paper by Shawn Rosenberg, discusses a perspective on people and politics that does not comport with Jefferson’s views. A few related questions follow, where we compare our political institutions with a clam:

  • Do we still have a democracy? Fully functioning clam inside the shell.
  • Do we have remnants of a democracy? Shell partly empty, clam not functioning well.
  • Do we have only an appearance of democracy? Shell remains, clam on leave of absence, or dead.
  • Does even an appearance of democracy survive? Shell crushed underfoot.
  • Do we have an immature, or perhaps a mature authoritiarian system in place? Clam returns as a creature hungry to consume our liberty.

If we were to take a poll on these possibilities, how would responses distribute themselves across all five questions? How would elite responses differ from non-elite responses? Would respondents even care about the questions, or their responses?

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