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Do you remember the first time you heard the term ‘shelter in place’? I first heard it during the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Nineteen thousand national guardsmen deployed in Boston the Friday after the race. That number omits all the other law enforcement officers in the city, along with armored personnel carriers, humvees, and enough weapons to outfit a division.

Authorities ordered the entire city of Boston to shelter in place for the whole day, then sent all the guardsmen and many other officers home at dinnertime, long before a SWAT team actually apprehended Tsarnaev in a Boston suburb. Do you think it’s a coincidence that authorities use shelter in place as part of the campaign to limit COVID-19? They want to make their orders enforceable. Would you be happy to see orders to shelter in place enforced the same way guardsmen enforced them in Boston?

Boston residents thanked law enforcement officers at the end of the day. They were happy that thousands of officers had protected the city and its residents from the unarmed Tsarnaev.

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