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Visit first selection to hear Dave Chappelle’s remarks on cancel culture. Visit second selection to see an excerpt from James Mattis’s article in The Atlantic.

Mattis uses the phrase, “equal before the law.” You have to ask, though, what does “equal before the law” mean when the law is so irretrievably corrupt? The law is an absraction in many contexts: we often mean it that way. Yet for its victims, the law presses its knee on your neck until you die. It threatens your life – no one cares to be equal before that.

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I disagree with Mattis’s position here, but read it:

Cynicism is cowardice. We all know cynics. From time to time, we all fall prey to cynicism. But cynicism is corrosive when it saturates a society—as it has long saturated Russia’s, and as it has saturated too much of ours. Cynicism fosters a distrust of reality. It is nothing less than a form of surrender. It provokes a suspicion that hidden malign forces are at play. It instills a sense of victimhood. It may be psychically gratifying in the moment, but it solves nothing.