Revolution & War

From: Steven Greffenius, The Jeffersonian’s author

To: All readers

Subject: Monographs about revolution and war

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I comment from time to time that my hobby is way too close to what I do for a living. For my paid work, I’m a technical editor. I help clients prepare technical publications for their customers’ use. With that kind of job, you would want a hobby that takes you far away from the computer, certainly not one that involves publishing.

What happens, though, if you love something that does not pay, and where you want total creative freedom? That’s called a hobby, or an avocation. I like to think about politics, political ethics in particular. The Jeffersonian serves as a good home for that. Some of the essays published here coalesce, after a lot of rewriting, to form books on specific political topics:

Note: While this section is under construction, please visit the pages linked above. After I build it out, visit these pages to:

  • Read more about each book.
  • Download a free PDF copy of any book that interests you.
  • Find instructions you can use to purchase the book for your favorite e-reader.

For more books and publications, see Dr. G’s Writing Workshop and Puzzle Mountain Digital.

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