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Generally I stay with politics in The Jeffersonian. The blog’s subtitle, after all, is A Journal of Democracy and Public Affairs. The blog’s very first post, Carthage Christening, is a limerick about my time at Carthage College. For the most part, though, personal thoughts have gone into one of my other blogs, such as Conversations with Dio.

I’ve wondered occasionally whether I shouldn’t expand The Jeffersonian‘s subject matter to other things that interested Thomas Jefferson, such as philosophy, religion, the outdoors, and architecture. Like Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Jefferson had a rich life outside of public service. Perhaps The Jeffersonian ought to reflect some of that breadth.

More on that later. Meantime, here’s a question:

What do Elvis Presley, Andy Griffith, Aretha Franklin, and Roy Rogers all have in common?


They all sang gospel music.

Public policy update:

Republicans in Congress have a solution to the intractable situation in Syria: defund ObamaCare. ~ Andy Borowitz

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