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Today, the 9/11 truth movement represents men and women who just want to know the nature of these crimes, and who want justice. It does not represent extremists, nuts, anarchists, spies, violent troublemakers, or other misfits. Individuals who insist on the truth pose a threat only to those complicit. Information they want to publicize does not threaten, but enhances national security in the long run.

If revelation indicts institutions who guard this information and control it, so be it. In democracies, institutions exonerate themselves with openness and honesty. Everywhere else, public institutions conceal their guilty acts.

Infamy: November 22, September 11

Do not listen to those who claim we have settled important questions about 9/11, or that justice for victims’ families opens us to retaliation or exploitation from those who want to do the United States and its service members harm. Above all, don’t believe that questions about 9/11 are inconsequential, old hat by comparison with current problems, or not worth our time. We see a world war grow in front of us, a war that began with the September 11 attacks. This war has already destroyed our democracy. The effects for millions abroad worsen by the day.

Warfare is never inconsequential. It is also the most destructive of all human activities. In light of that, leaders and others ask, “What should we do, now, to end the war? Isn’t that the most important question?” I would say you cannot discern answers to questions like that if you do not understand why the war that troubles you started. If you grasp why a particular war started, you will find ways to end the conflict. Remedies and successful outcomes follow from correct diagnosis, as in medical practice.

Our leaders appear bewildered, without a strategy. Of course they have no answers or plans. Correct strategy in war rests on truth. Read Lao Tzu. Apply his lessons and advice to the conflict in front of you.