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Consider these questions:

  • Do you want to live in a country that welcomes visitors and immigrants from everywhere, whatever humane reason they may have for their travel?
  • Do you want to stop paying taxes to fund foreign wars, to kill people who pose no threat to you or your family?
  • Do you want to restore rights of free expression in your communities, churches, workplaces, schools, the internet, media of every kind, and everywhere else people interact?
  • Do you want to restore to parents decisions that affect their children’s health, education, and overall welfare?
  • Do you want to enforce laws that prohibit financial or any other kind of fraud, and prohibit transfer of your tax money to companies that commit fraud?
  • Do you want access to any medical treatment you and your family deem appropriate, with no requirement that you or your employer pay for it in advance?
  • Do you want to keep more of what you earn, and turn over no more than a quarter of your earnings to public purposes?
  • Do you want to elect people you trust, to hold office in institutions that serve you?
  • Do you want to organize your work so as to free your activities from government regulation?
  • Do you want to prevent government from helping any group, interest, or institution, through tax preferences, subsidies, or favorable regulatory treatment?
  • Do you want to end enforcement of laws that prevent free exchange of goods, and free contracts, including laws that regulate sex work, firearms, drugs, and every other kind of consensual activity?
  • Do you want to live your life in private, travel and communicate without surveillance, and feel confident that public authorities respect your privacy?
  • Do you want politics to become unimportant in your life, behind work, family, friends, church, community groups, and the like?

If you want these things, or most of them, you have three options at this point: 1) work for each change, one by one, within the current political and legal environment in the United States; 2) secede from the United States, and work with your new colleagues to develop this vision in the republic you establish with them; 3) hope and disappointment. Only option two offers a reasonable chance of success: by far the best chance.